Ozone Dentistry

Ozone Dentistry

Ozone Therapy is an advanced treatment that helps you maintain good dental health. This therapy makes use of oxygen to destroy harmful micro-organisms from the mouth. Ozone is a particle of tri-atomic oxygen (O3) and is safe to use. Ozone is manufactured by passing pure medical-grade oxygen through a specialized machine. The ozone can be used as a liquid or gaseous form.

Ozone therapy helps in the strengthening of teeth through recalcification and builds your resistance to further tooth decay. The sensitivity of the tooth is also reduced with this therapy. It also disinfects the gums and helps avoid diseases.

In what ways is Ozone Dentistry used?

  1. Holistic dentists treat periodontal diseases by using ozone. This therapy cures these diseases using ozonated water flushed below the gum line, or the ozone gas is penetrated into the gum tissue. The main advantage of ozone is it attacks and destroys the bacteria, and its effect is localized to the treatment area. It does not have any side-effects and creates suitable conditions for the gums to heal faster with minimum discomfort.
  2. Tooth Decay is caused by oral bacteria and these bacteria, in turn, emit acid present in the foods. This acid attacks the tooth's enamel. The enamel, which is a mineralized structure, is most susceptible to this acidic attack. Ozone is sprayed on the decayed area during the ozone therapy, and it instantly kills the bacteria. As the ozone disintegrates, it releases oxygen which bonds with the free hydrogen. This ozone exposure will convert the acidic environment into an alkaline one. This changed environment will boost the enamel's recalcification with the minerals present in the saliva or some external application. It will prevent the decaying of the tooth and reverse it and eliminate the need for fillings. 
  3. As the ozone has a disinfectant quality,  it can be used as a sealant on the children's teeth to stop the bacteria from settling deep in the grooves.
  4. Ozone therapy can be used to treat patients suffering from a sensitive tooth. The ozone hardens the tooth structure moistening a sensitive tooth, thus greatly reducing its sensitivity.
  5. It is an absolutely safe procedure using supercharged oxygen, which does not cause any side effects.
  6. The ozone therapy will help avert future complications if it is applied on time. The earlier the affected areas are exposed to ozone, the better will be its effects.
  7. It is useful to sterilize a tooth during root canal treatments.
  8. Ozone therapy can help prevent or reverse a potential root canal.
  9. It can be a soothing treatment for a dry mouth.  
  10.  Viral diseases such as herpes can be treated.
  11. It also helps in the healing of wounds and inflammation caused by previous tooth extractions.

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