Dentures are devices for the mouth fabricated to replace the missing teeth and are supported by the oral cavity's soft and hard tissues. The traditional dentures were removable, but with the latest innovations in dentistry, there are many dentures that bond or fasten onto the teeth or dental implants that are fixed to the jawbone.

Dentures are designed to replace either all the teeth or only on the top or bottom gum line. It can also help replace only the missing teeth. The dentures are customized according to a patient's need, and care is taken to match them with the existing teeth. They also help enhance the appearance of a person by restoring their smile. Dentures are of two types-complete or partial dentures. 

What are the dentures composed of?

The traditional dentures were made of acrylic, porcelain, or plastic, but now hard resin is used. The denture framework is usually made from acrylic, nylon, or metal. The specific materials used to construct your denture framework will depend on the denture you have opted for.

The materials used to fabricate the dentures are not as strong as the natural teeth as they crack easily or chip. Hence they need great care to make them last longer. The supporting natural teeth which support the dentures are also covered with a similar resin as that of the dentures to make them look natural.  

What is the process of fitting the Dentures?

The first step begins with a thorough examination of the mouth and the supporting structures that include the jawbones. The other underlying health conditions are discussed to avoid future complications. X-rays of the teeth are taken to get a complete picture of the denture requirements. In case you need partial dentures, it is necessary to complete any cleanings, fillings, or other work before the actual denture-making process can begin. 

Once the type of denture is decided, a mold or scan of the teeth is taken. With the help of these mold or digital scans, the dentures are fabricated at a dental lab. A trial fitting is conducted to check the function, fit, and comfort. If changes are required, the necessary changes are done before the final denture is sent for casting.

The final stage involves the fitting of the completed dentures. Great care is taken to match the shade of the dentures with the natural teeth. The dentist will also discuss how to care for and clean the dentures. Regular appointments will ensure the life of the dentures.

What are the categories of Dentures?

  • Complete Dentures:These dentures are for patients who need a complete replacement of their teeth. They are customized according to the patient's requirements and help restore the natural look of the teeth.
  • Partial Fixed Dentures: The implants and adjoining teeth support them as abutments for support. These dentures are not removable and help replace some missing teeth either in the upper or lower jawbones. It is comparatively stronger than removable dentures.
  • Partial Removable Denture:They can be removed and fixed easily. These dentures are of two types-Cast Partial Dentures and Acrylic Partial Dentures. The cast dentures are made of tissue-colored acrylics, and the cast is held in a metal framework. The acrylic dentures are made of acrylic resin and come with or without clasps of wrought wire.
  • Immediate Dentures: These dentures are fixed on the same day when the teeth are removed. It allows for the gums to heal. Once the gums have healed, you can have your permanent dentures fitted.

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