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I have receding gums and have dealt with gingivitis for years but ever since going to West Valley I have received the best advice for how to improve my oral health. Erlinda (hygienist) has educated me on how to take care of my teeth and gums like no other dental hygienist has. I finally have nice pink gums instead of sore red gums like in the past! Dr. Jacobsen and Dr. Davis are up-to-date on the latest technology and innovations in this field , while also very attentive to my wimpy self when it comes to dental procedures.

Emily N.

Excellent dentist. Re-explained many dental mysteries to me in a way that made sense. His sense of humor put me at ease and gave him energy for solving problems in new ways, and created a nurturing environment for support staff. Everyone was kind and fun and flexible. Pricing was fantastic.

Gertie K.

This is a review from a Patient of ours that wanted to leave a review but does not have access to do so. Here is the copy of what she said. Thank you so much Kathy for your kind words! I would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Rich Davis of West Valley Natural Dentistry. I had to have a major dental procedure an was very nervous about it. It was amazing how smoothly everything went- not a lot of pain, no swelling or bruising and he made me feel very much at ease and answered all my questions. THANK YOU!!!!!



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