Zirconia Implants

Zirconia Implants

A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw. A dental implant is made from a metal alloy that fuses with the bone in your jaw. This creates a sturdy base for your restoration.

When dental implants are becoming a more popular alternative to replace missing teeth, it is also vital to know the best options available. Since the introduction of dental implants, titanium metal has been used to make implants as it can fuse well with the human jawbone. But with advances in technology, new materials like zirconia are used as a dental implant option. 

Zirconia implants

Zirconia dental implants are metal-free dental implants. They are made from ceramic instead of metal or porcelain. They are often more biocompatible and may last longer than metal implants.

Zirconia dental implants may also be more translucent, and they may be a good option for people with metal allergies.

Zirconia dental implants: Advantages

Zirconia dental implants offer a strong, natural-looking, and aesthetically appealing option for tooth replacement. Zirconia is a type of ceramic, and ceramic implants are popular due to their strength and aesthetic appeal. Zirconia dental implants are an excellent choice for tooth replacement, and they offer several advantages over more traditional implant options. Here are a few of the advantages zirconia dental implants offer.

  • Zirconia dental implants are more natural-looking than other materials. They also are more resistant to staining. These implants are an ideal choice for patients who are seeking aesthetic solutions.
  • Zirconia implants are strong enough to support biting and chewing forces. Because they are made from a bio-compatible ceramic, zirconia implants are able to support the same biting and chewing forces as natural teeth. Other types of dental implants, such as titanium implants, may become weaker over time, potentially leading to implant failure.
  • Zirconia dental implants are an excellent choice for patients who have allergies to metal or who simply prefer ceramic crowns. Zirconia has long proven to be a safe material when used in dentistry and is biocompatible and non-allergenic.
  • Zirconia dental implants are an excellent option to consider. They are unique in that they can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. This means that you won't have to have teeth missing for a long period of time before your implants are placed.
  • Zirconia is compatible with human tissues and does not cause any adverse reactions.
  • Zirconia implants have good strength and are fracture resistant. Besides, they do not wear and tear easily.

Zirconia dental implants

  • Do not cause gum discoloration¬†
  • Do not corrode
  • Zirconia implants are durable and natural-looking
  • Do not cause allergic reactions
  • Are biocompatible
  • Restore and preserve your natural smile

Zirconia dental implants are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure, permanent restoration. If you're considering dental implants, ask your dentist about zirconia. It's a safe, durable, and biocompatible material.

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