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Laser Treatment

Soft tissue Lasers
Through soft tissue lasers, we can remove tumors or canker sores and treat gum diseases. These lasers use a short wavelength with which it gets to absorb hemoglobin and water. They penetrate through gum tissues and seal the blood vessels, which is why no blood loss occurs. 

Hard tissue lasers
Through hard tissue lasers, we can treat tooth decay and shape the tooth for dental filling treatment. These lasers have the capability to cut through calcium phosphate that is present in your teeth. 

3D Imaging
We use an advanced scanning technology known as CBCT or ConeBeam Computed Tomography to create 3D digital imaging. It emits a conical beam of light on the patient's oral cavity to map out the oral features. This sophisticated oral imaging system creates detailed 3D images of the patient's teeth, gums, jawbone, and other oral features, which makes it easy for the dentist to analyze the patient's condition.

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